2017 Mobile Game Trends

Mobile gaming has been improving time to time to keep up with the advanced technology. Good graphics, technology and simplicity behind the games are what every player is looking for. The mobile game developers do not disappoint either as they want to keep their fans entertained hence they are ensuring the recent mobile game trends are included in their games. If you love mobile gaming, here is a top 3 list of mind blowing games you can install on your phone.


If you enjoy some brain twisting and mind blowing game, Rebus will get you hooked to your phone as soon as you download it. The game comes with stylish graphics and a simple layout that is sure to attract every passionate mobile game player out there. You can solve Rebus puzzles for hours (i stuck on level 8 but found solutions here) and even replay the unique them without getting bored. It comes with both easy and hard riddles that will put your brain at work and ensure you get challenged as you play. Rebus may seem easy when you just start, but the more puzzles you solve the more complex it becomes. Rebus is available for both android and iOS owners with more than 100 rebuses for you to solve. This addictive game is specifically designed for all guys out there who love some brain teasing, so get the game and have fun.

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Super Mario Run

This is one of the best mobile games that you can play even with one hand. You only need to control running Mario who is constantly moving to the right by tilting the screen to direct him and tapping the screen to make him jump through obstacles. Super Mario run comes with three modes the main mode called World Tour, Kingdom Builder mode where you can use various objects to build your kingdom and the Toad Rally mode where you can race against other players. There are many enemies and obstacles on Mario’s way and you must be very careful not to hit them. You can also collect coins on your way aiming at collecting as many coins as you can. The game requires proper timing and high concentration. So if you want to improve your concentration and attention, super Mario run is the best mobile game you can install.

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This War of Mine

War games are one of the most trending mobile games today. If you have not played any war games then you’re not living in a world of fantasy and adventure. This War of Mine is the kind of game you have been looking for and as soon as you install it on your mobile device, you will hardly put it down as it becomes very addictive and fun. You are faced with a task of leading a group of civilians trap in a city torn apart by war. You all have to survive through lack of water, food and medicine. You can’t go out during the day least you get attacked by scavengers and snipers. The game brings you to an imaginary world of war and you have to make difficult decisions to survive. With good graphics and enough content, this is one of the best android games worth spending your time on.

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